The kitchen having a special feng shui meaning is considered as one of the three important factors of the house that determine the family’s prosperity, fortune and health. It would be ideal, if you choose the right style for your own kitchen, and decorate the space to make it more beautiful. A suggestion not to be missed is the simplify kitchen design (also known as Minimalism design style), this is considered a new trend, not only helps your kitchen space look exquisite but also more airy.


Minimalism design style, born in the 70s of the last century, is chosen by a large number of customers because of its aesthetics, suitability for small and narrow spaces.

In modern society, this style is more and more popular, especially for those who have passion for creativity and prefer a delicate and close living space. Understandably, the basic purpose of this style is to create the most simple and orderly space. The less detailed the space, the less furniture the better. The main factor that should be paid attention to is color, shape, material.

Minimalism directs users to use smart furniture, integrate many functions in one product and remove unnecessary items. Each detail of the furniture always carries a certain meaning, creating harmony. For this design style, usually use a maximum of three colors: background color, main color, accent color in a space.

Lighting is also an important detail to be mentioned, an aesthetic element through the eyes. The harmonious combination of light, color, and furniture makes your home elegant, airy.


As mentioned above, the kitchen is an indispensable part, a place to keep and nurture family happiness.

Let’s refer to 9 irresistible beautiful minimalist kitchens to get inspiration for your kitchen with Viet Huong Ceramics!

Take advantage of the natural light from the windows to highlight the lines of the furniture and decorative colors.



Choosing wall fonts and furniture in cold, neutral tones creates a clean space.
The kitchen is minimalism but still unique by cleverly using decorative tiles such as card tiles, hexagonal tiles…
A few potted plants not only help purify the air, but also create freshness and excitement for each family meal.
Create a focal point in the space with monochrome furniture that brings pure beauty to the kitchen.
Minimalism doesn’t mean just using neutral colors. In the kitchen, you can creatively combine colors such as red refrigerator on white kitchen tones, creating freshness.
A perfect combination of wood, white and black colors, creating a cozy feeling for the kitchen space.
Breakthrough with a fixed kitchen cabinet in bold tones combined with wooden details makes the kitchen more sophisticated and personal.

The above is a collection of beautiful minimalism kitchen designs of Viet Huong Ceramics, hopefully will be interesting suggestions for your project.

                                                                                                                                        – Jasmine Nguyen –

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