Today, large format tiles are gradually becoming a trend in the ceramic tile industry because of their luxurious and perfect beauty. They break all barriers in design, unlimited creativity. So you can comfortably create a magical, mysterious space for your own home. Let’s explore this magic with Viet Huong Ceramics.

Large format tiles usually “sold out” at Viet Huong Ceramics

Overview of large format tiles

Large format tiles also have a name called big slab. True to its name, the size of big slab is groundbreaking such as 60×120, 75×150, 80×180, 120×240, 180×360 (cm) etc. This has brought a large open space with high aesthetics. Therefore, many commercial centers, hotels and restaurant lobbies or resort villas and high-class apartments increasingly favor the use of large format tiles.

The most used size of large format tiles is 60×120 (cm)

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Big slab brings the illusion of space in your own home

The large size maximizes the surface design, highlighting the large space. Using large format tiles also eliminates the number of brick seams, creates a dramatic, distinct and absolute aesthetic background/wall. Thanks to that, your home becomes more liberal, not divided too much. From there, when entering this space, you will feel like immersing in the endless openness that big slab gives, bringing openness and comfort.

Large format tiles with imitation marble textures, natural stone, wood grain, etc are created by 5D printing technology, realistic simulation with many winding lines and diverse colors, giving the space a luxurious beauty. Large format tiles with delicate patterns are also the most popular alternative to granite today because of the flawless beauty they bring. 

For large format tiles, homeowners can easily cut them into any shape and size, breaking the limits of use of some surfaces that were previously not possible with ceramic tiles. This breakthrough fully meets the creative design requirements of architecture, making your space psychedelic and magical with random pieces from big slab.

Perspective of large format tiles in the bathroom area

Some popular large format tiles you can refer to

If you are still confused, please refer to the images below. They will help you better visualize the sophistication that large format tiles bring.

Using Big Slab in the living room space
Large format tiles are used in corporate offices
Big Slab is often used in high-traffic areas
Large format tiles bring luxury to the house
Large format tiles with delicate textures

Have you been attracted by the variety of big slab? Above are some suggestions that Viet Huong Ceramics recommends for you. If you want to refer to many large format tiles available, please contact Viet Huong Ceramics – the leading supplier of imported ceramic tiles in Vietnam.

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