Colors can be combined with each other and on a nuanced basis. The combination of a black floor with gray or black walls is rarely used. Such rooms look too gloomy. These combinations are suitable only for very large rooms, because after some time you will want to add colors to the black room. However, with the proper selection of furniture, such a room can become an effective stylistic decision.

Black tiles in the bathroom

The use of black floor tiles in bathrooms is traditional. For small rooms, small ceramics are selected or contrast stitching is done. Large tiles can make a small bathroom even smaller.

Black color requires good lighting. Otherwise, in a darkened bath, morning treatments may seem too melancholy. For finishing choose a glossy texture. Its reflective surface adds light to the room. On the walls, you can repeat the black motif in the form of one side, decorated with dark wall tiles, or with the help of a black pattern.

The dark floor visually narrows the space, so tiles of a different color are often added to the decoration, laying it out in the form of ornament or in a checkerboard pattern. The walls can be laid out in black mosaic with sparkles, adding gold luxurious fixtures and faience with gold details to the design.

Black tiles in the kitchen

For kitchens, black tiles are used less often, but to create interiors in the style of minimalism, high-tech and techno, it will be appropriate. Apply both the tile jointing with white or colored grout, and the creation of a plain coating.

Silver or white kitchen appliances and polished furniture of the same color look good on a black background. If the floor and walls are finished with black tiles, then kitchen furniture is better to choose with glass doors.

If you want to create a baroque setting, a golden finish will be a luxurious addition.

Black tiles in the living room

The living room, decorated with black floor tiles, will give the interior a certain status. Here the floor can have a continuous glossy finish, and a “chess” design, and the presence of a large ornament. The main condition is a large area of the room. Only then will the floor look spectacular and modern.

Do not use decor with numerous patterns or colorful tiles, this will break the space. Here it is better to finish the floor as uniformly as possible, and apply the picture in the form of a border or central composition. Modern manufacturers offer collections of floor tiles with various patterns to create a stylish interior. Massive upholstered furniture covered in leather will be a good addition.

Polished tiles made of black natural or artificial marble emphasize the prosperity of the owners of the house.

There are three options for the overall design of the living room. The first is a black floor, light walls and colored furniture. The second option involves the use of only black and contrasting white, yellow, blue, pink. Furniture is selected in one of the colors. The third option – all surfaces are finished in black, and furniture is selected in contrast. It can also be black, but with gold or silver inlay.

Black tiles in the bedroom

To decorate the bedroom floor, dark ceramic tiles are often used to add a special atmosphere of passion. Such a bedroom requires appropriate luxurious furnishings. Walls are best trimmed with black fragments.

In a small bedroom, it is worth making the floor and ceiling black. Walls should be light or saturated. In the bedroom, the wide walls are painted black, and the narrow walls are bright. This allows you to visually expand the room. Black floor tiles lined with wide stripes, alternating with a different color, will also simulate the space. The horizontal direction will bring it closer and wider, and the vertical one will move it away and narrow it down.

Ebony floor tiles or matt material with ornaments will add an oriental touch. Animal prints bring elements of African style to the design. The shade is better to choose a warm, close to a bog oak. Many spot light sources are welcome. They will create a fairly intimate lighting. Dark inlaid furniture, crystal sconces, metal candlesticks complete the tropical interior.

Black tiles in the office

Black color in the office will create an atmosphere of seriousness and efficiency. For creative people, it is better to use other tones. Offices are issued in classical proportions (equal number of light and dark shades). On the floor, a geometric ornament or a continuous coating of textured or glossy tiles is appropriate. In the offices of a large area, you can carry out zoning, combining black tile to match the walls or furniture. You can also lay out tiles in an unusual pattern.

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