When you have decided to refurbish your old house or build a new one, take a moment to research and choose your tiles carefully! Because tiles not only increase the aesthetics of the building, but also protect your home from harmful agents from the environment, the weather, even from human living habits, helping the building Yours is always beautiful with time. The most popular type of tiles for most homeowners today, especially polished tile; It not only meets the aesthetic needs of homeowners but also has many outstanding advantages. And before ordering this tile, lets explore with the notes when choosing suitable and beautiful polished tiles for those who are about to build a house. 


The first and most important thing when choosing a suitable and beautiful polished tile for someone who is about to build a house is to determine the budget. Today, there are many types of polished tiles with different sizes and price frames. You should calculate the number of tiles to cover and estimate the total cost to have the best choice for your house.

If you want to bring luxury to the space and have economic conditions, use high quality homogenous polished tiles for beautiful floors. If the financial capacity is in the medium range and for ordinary housing projects such as level 4 townhouses, you can refer to the line of double-skinned polished tiles; has a glossy surface, beautiful veins, hard, high durability. And for projects that do not require aesthetics such as building/repairing motel rooms, rental houses, etc., one-skin tile is the best choice. Because of the low cost, you can quickly get your investment back and the quality is acceptable. 

Viet Huong Ceramics is proud to be a reputable unit, specializing in distributing the best quality tiles from many world famous countries for tiles. With a team of enthusiastic, experienced staff, always ready to help you find the right tile for your dream home.


To have the most satisfactory space when choosing suitable and beautiful polished tiles for those who are about to build a house, you need to agree on a design style for the house. You cannot choose tiles with vivid, modern tones for a classic architecture and vice versa. When choosing the right tiles for the architectural space, the overall look of your house will be more beautiful, exalting the values ​​that the owner is aiming for.

Fortunately, with the polished tile pattern, most are neutral tones with gentle veins that will suit most design styles. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can choose the beautiful and suitable glass tile model for your home.


Considering the area here is one of the important factors when choosing a beautiful polished tile for you, which is reflected in the size of the tile and the area of ​​​​the area to be tiling. For an area with a large tiling area, you cannot choose a tile with a small size because it will leave many unsightly tile joints, making the space feel narrow. As for the spaces with a modest area, choosing large-sized tiles will make the space seem swallowed up and cramped. Therefore, different sizes will have different ways of choosing tiles.

Polished tiles at Viet Huong Ceramics with a variety of designs, sizes and reasonable prices, will surely satisfy the most demanding homeowners.

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Distributor is a decisive factor in choosing to buy beautiful and suitable glass tiles for people who are about to build a house. Because, a reputable brick distributor always owns items of clear origin, transparent about labels for each product.

Not only that, because it is imported from the original source and without intermediaries from many suppliers, the price that reaches the customer is a very affordable price.

Viet Huong Ceramics is confident to be a leading unit, specializing in providing many types of tiles imported from famous countries; With diverse designs and high quality, it completely meets the requirements of luxury and class of homeowners.

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With high-quality polished tiles that have many advantages such as bearing capacity, anti-slip, waterproof, heat insulation, good sound insulation, less abrasion and long service life, you can Apply this tile in any area of ​​your house such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. Let’s have a look at Viet Huong Ceramics projects with beautiful polished tiles below!

– Bunie Nguyen –


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