For a working person or a student living away from home, choosing a space to stay in is an option that they are choosing today. You are living in the city center, but with limited expenses, you can only rent a narrow room. You immediately came up with the idea of ​​decorating that room with a mezzanine but worried about the cost.

Don’t worry, let us help you in this case. You only need to spend less than 1 million VND to be able to own yourself a dreamlike room. Please refer to the article “Decorating a motel room with a mezzanine with the most saving cost” below by Viet Huong Ceramics!


To own a satisfactory room, pay attention to the size – acreage is not enough. To make a private space suitable for your preferences as well as express your own personality, you can completely decorate the room with a mezzanine.

However, everyone wants to decorate their room in the most economical, cost-effective and scientific way, right? Let’s refer to the detailed steps to decorate a motel room with a mezzanine in the content below.

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 4

Measure the area of ​​the room

This is something that you obviously have to do when you want to find items or decorations for any room. In addition, when decorating these rooms, you need to know clearly where you will arrange these furniture and which size is suitable.

Because you do not own a spacious room, the furniture should only be used for living, avoiding waste and excess.

To decorate the room in the simplest and most beautiful way is the neatness and harmony of the overall room. Therefore, start working meticulously to bring about your work efficiency!

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 3

Clear division of the area

Since you have a room with a mezzanine, use this attic as a bedroom and area below as a dining room, kitchen, other living space. This will make your room more tidy, creating harmony for the overall room.

Choose the suitable furniture for the room

Did you have any furniture in your room when you first received it? One note that you should look to rent rooms without furniture to save costs and save trouble in case the items get damaged. And then, make a list of essential items for your room. As follows:

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 7

Bed: Even if your budget is limited, you should also equip yourself with a warm bed. No need to be fussy, sometimes it’s just a drap.

Blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses: Choose a set with simple colors and medium materials

Wardrobe: If you are a student, you can choose for yourself cloth cabinets which are also quite cheap. And if you are a working person, you can also find yourself more durable wooden cabinets.

Desk: This is an indispensable item when you are a student. If possible, choose for yourself desks with bookshelves to create a serious study environment.

Kitchen utensils: If you decide to cook at home to save money, you should choose to buy them.

All of them are basic items, essential for your daily living. However, they should also be purchased at a moderate cost and suitable for the size of the room.


In the meantime your orders are on their way, you can come up with ideas for decorating your motel room. Specifically, you can decorate your room with the following ideas:

Design your room with wallpaper

To save money, many students have renovated their rooms with wallpaper instead of expensive paint boxes. This is quite commonly used, because wallpaper is usually cheap and easy to use. In addition, because this material is diverse in design, you can easily choose the texture that suits your needs.

To make the room brighter, you can select wallpaper with light colors and simple patterns. If you are a dreamer, you can find yourself romantic stickers or cartoon characters.

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 6

For those of you who are in good condition, you can use beautiful wall tiles at Viet Huong Ceramics at cheap prices with bright textures to refurbish the room. Certainly you will love your room more than when using that wallpaper.

Use pictures to decorate your room

Using paintings to decorate the room is a great idea. If you are an art lover, choose for your room the paintings that give your space a poetic look.

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 8

You don’t have to use expensive paintings, you can choose memorable photos, buy frames and put pictures in them. This makes the room both beautiful and much friendlier.

Decorate your room with green plants

Potted plants will make your room more airy, especially on hot days. Take advantage of the space in the room to hang potted plants with drooping leaves, or put cactus pots at the study table, both to help decorate and absorb harmful air, and provide oxygen for the air in the room. The room becomes fresher.

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 2

Use wall shelves – decorative – space saving

If the room is too messy, not enough for you to decorate or keep small items, then you can think of wall shelves. With rich shapes and good quality, they can both meet the needs of use, while also enhancing the aesthetics of your room!

You can refer to some images of motel room with mezzanines afer decoration below:

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 5

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 1

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 10

trang tri phong tro co gac lung voi chi phi tiet kiem nhat 9

With the ways to decorate the room with mezzanine that we want to send to you above, hope to help you get more ideas for your room. Remember, a space becomes beautiful or not, not because of expensive things, but because of your hands and taste. Good luck!

– Jasmine Nguyen –

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