Viet Huong Ceramics Construction Joint Stock Company (Viet Huong Ceramics), which was established on April 11, 2016, is an expert in providing construction material solutions for buildings and architecture in Vietnam.

At Viet Huong Ceramics, we specialize in high-class imported ceramic tiles from countries such as Italy, Spain, India, China, etc. with diverse products, rich materials, many different sizes to meet huge construction and large-scale projects.

We have more than 20 facilities, distributors nationwide with experienced staffs who take good care of and understand the needs of customers.

We are proud to be the leading supplier of high-class imported ceramic tiles in Vietnam, a place where you can entrust and give your trust so that Viet Huong Ceramics can bring you the best value.



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Viet Huong Ceramics aims to become a leading supplier in the field of providing imported high-class ceramic tiles in Vietnam within the next 5 years.

We always aspire to contribute to the development of society and bring customers the highest satisfaction.


As a supplier of high-class imported ceramic tiles, we always want to provide customers with the best products. In addition to product quality, we also have a burning desire to bring spiritual values when experiencing the service of Viet Huong Ceramics, breathe life into the customer’s living space, express the most sophisticated and trendy aesthetic.



The leadership team is willing to face challenges and risks to achieve great things in the formation and development of the brand. Bold thinking is the launch pad that brings us closer to success on the way to winning customers to bring both peace and prosperity to their homes.


We understand that if we want to develop strongly and receive the trust and support, we need to bring the highest value to our customers. We always try our best to create a strong connection between business and customers, between business and society, between employees in the company with mutual understanding and respect to strive and fulfill our mission.


To gain the trust of our customers through our integrity, we act with commitment, honesty, openness and mutual respect. These things make us outstanding and different, leading to customer’s trust and choice.


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Are you on a journey for a design inspiration for a flawless beauty in every detail? Join Viet Huong Ceramics to refer to the latest inspirations to make the right decision.