Most art lovers around the world are “falling in love” with the freshness, strength and personality of Majorelle blue, which in Vietnamese we can know as Cobalt blue. This color is favored by designers for many fields from fashion to architecture. But behind this outstanding color is an impressive story that not everyone knows. Discover the Origin of Majorelle Blue and design inspirations from this special blue with Viet Huong Ceramics!


Majorelle Blue, also known as Marrakech Blue, is a vibrant, fresh and powerful blue. In Vietnamese, we often know them as Cobalt Blue. This beautiful shade of blue is named after a French artist. The color even has it’s own hexadecimal code, if you ever want to use it, just set your fill color to #6050dc. Or if you want to mix it in RGB, just add 37.6% red, 31.4% green, and 86.3% blue, while in CMYK color scheme would be made of 56.4% cyan, 63.6% magenta, 0% yellow, and 13.7% black.

Majorelle Blue is used in many places in Morocco


In 1917, the French painter – Jacques Majorelle first came to the beautiful city of Marrakech – known as “the charming red city” and one of the four greatest citadels of Morocco. 

At the traditional markets in Marrakech, you will be mesmerized by handmade items with many typical patterns and motifs of this country. Especially by the abundance of vibrant, vivid colors.

Jacques Majorelle is no exception when visiting and falling in love with this beautiful city. A few years later, he bought a piece of land and hired French architect – Paul Sinoir to build a house for himself in the “Red city”. Over the years that followed, the area of ​​the land was increasingly expanded and he built the Majorelle Jardin.

At the Majorelle Jardin in Marrakech, he painted the garden walls, fountains and features of the villa with a deep blue, which he named after himself – Majorelle Blue. Then, it was copyrighted in 1937, this color has contributed to renewing an arid Marrakech.

The fountain in the middle of the campus is also covered with green by Jacques


According to many records, Majorelle blue is made from the precious stone Lapis Lazuli. People believe that the color closest to Majorelle in art is Ultramarine blue. 

The vibrant blue color of Jacques’ work later fascinates many tourists visiting Marrakech, Morocco. One of the most famous followers of this color is the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent, who acquired ownership from Majorelle in 1980. Since then, this vibrant blue has appeared on YSL’s impressive designs.

Special Majorelle Blue at Jacques Majorelle’s Villas


Ultramarine Blue is a blue pigment of Lapis Lazuli stone. Ultramarine is considered “blue” gold, first mined in Afghanistan more than 6000 years ago. Lapis Lazuli rock is formed from limestone and contains iron in the form of Pyrite.

the color closest to Majorelle in art is Ultramarine blue



The Legendary Majorelle Jardin is located on Yves Saint Laurent street, outside the Medina and Gueliz old town in Marrakech, Morocco.

Upon entering the Majorelle garden, you will be greeted by a small white courtyard with a square fountain of brilliant Cobalt blue that makes the heat of Marrakech seem to be instantly banished. Inside the garden is a two-story artistic villa in the center with luxurious blue, yellow, and white colors; embellished with several Moroccan geometric patterns and intricate Moorish details.

The bright green Majorelle villa in the center of the garden

The signature Majorelle blue that you can’t find anywhere else

…and Morocco patterns


The neighborhoods in Chefchaouen, Morocco, established in 1471, are peaceful with trees and walls painted in vibrant blue – inspired by Jacques’ Majorelle Blue. The whole Chefchaouen seems to be wearing a deep, cool and outstanding blue shirt. 

In Jewish religious belief, blue reflects the color of the sky, symbolizes God’s strength, and is derived from the dyed yarn (an ancient dye) that weaves prayer shawls. Therefore, these walls always remind people of omnipotence.

Panoramic view of Chefchaouen city under the beautiful sunset

Gouache is almost a traditional product that you can find at any local market

The peaceful, unhurried life of the people of Chefchaouen city

Even the cats in this city are very peaceful and comfortable

Jews believe that blue is the color of heaven and the power of God

This place has become a place that attracts many tourists from all over the world

– Bunie Nguyen – 

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