The bathroom is also considered the most important area in the house. Because this is a place where family members can relax comfortably, “cleanse” the daily stress. Therefore, to have a beautiful bathroom space, tile is an extremely necessary material; It not only brings aesthetics but also a protective layer. Because the bathroom area is always in contact with water, if you choose the wrong tile, it will lead to water infiltration, reverse seepage, destruction of the building as well as unsafe. Mosaic glass tiles with outstanding water resistance up to 95% and high aesthetics are the best-selling bathroom floor tiles. Let’s explore with Viet Huong Ceramics the notes when choosing this tile model as well as the works using beautiful glass mosaic tiles for the bathroom below!


Locate the application

Before choosing to buy luxury bathroom decorative glass mosaic tiles, you should determine where the mosaic tiles will be applied. You can use tiles to pave a small part or to cover the entire bathroom.

But according to Viet Huong Ceramics, you don’t need to use glass mosaic tiles for the entire bathroom. You can use glass mosaic tiles to create contours at the shower, behind the toilet, or a wall at the location of the lavabo,... Because the nature of Mosaic tiles is quite eye-catching, glass mosaic tiles for beautiful bathrooms in certain positions will make the space more delicate and luxurious. The most important thing, this is a high-class brick model, so the price is not cheap; If tiling the whole bathroom will cost you a good amount of money.

ung dung gach mosaic thuy tinh vao trang tri nha dep 11

Determine the budget

Glass mosaic tile is a kind of high-grade material. Therefore, the price will be more expensive than other common bathroom tiles. Moreover, its price depends on the color and design of the tile, the pattern on it. So, after determining the location and area to be tiling, calculate the number of tiles needed and estimate the total cost to have the best choice for your house.

Color selection

When choosing glass mosaic tiles for the bathroom, you just need to choose the color that matches the other details in the bathroom. Because Mosaic tiles are inherently like sparkling diamonds, when used for tiles in the bathroom, together with lights and metal sanitary ware reflect each other. You will be surprised by the elegance and impression that this bathroom mosaic tile creates.

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Reputable glass Mosaic tile Distributor

Distributor is a decisive factor in choosing to buy beautiful decorative glass mosaic tiles. Because, a reputable brick distributor always owns items of clear origin, transparent about labels for each product.

Not only that, because it is imported from the original source and without intermediaries from many suppliers, the price that reaches the customer’s hand is the price close to the original, extremely affordable.

Viet Huong Ceramics is confident to be a leading unit, specializing in providing many types of tiles imported from famous countries; With diverse designs and high quality, it completely meets the requirements of luxury and class of homeowners.

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Step 1: Prepare the construction surface

– Before using beautiful bathroom mosaic glass tiles, the construction surface needs to be flat, dry and clean. Thus, when tiling, the new tile ensures adhesion, limiting peeling and damage. If the base layer, wall has impurities or roughness, you must smooth it.

Step 2: Prepare materials and tools

In addition to the bathroom mosaic tile you have chosen, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:
– Tools: Serrated trowel, traditional trowel, rubber hammer, tape measure, glue mixing tank, mixer, water sponge.
– Materials: Tile glue, grouting glue. This is a specialized glue for the construction of Mosaic tiles.
gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 10

Step 3: Mix tile glue

Mix the tile adhesive according to the manufacturer’s ratio. Usually the mixing ratio is Water/Glue = 1/4 (by mass) or 1/3 (by volume). It is recommended to use a mixer to ensure that the glue does not clump, is not too loose or too dry.

Step 4: Pave tiles

– Apply the glue mixture on the surface to be tiling, use a serrated trowel to tilt at an angle of 60° horizontally. Put the tile on the glue that has just been spread, press firmly with your hand or use a rubber hammer to tap it evenly on the surface. Note to prevent the tiles from slipping for wall tiles, it is recommended to build from the bottom up as well as need a support tree below.

Step 5: Finishing

After about 24 hours since the tiling is completed, the grout will begin. Because then the tile adhesive is completely dry. If you rub the grout while the glue is still damp, the water in the glue will be trapped. Residues or insoluble salts will cause stains as the water evaporates.

Use a rubber trowel to tilt at an angle of 45°, pressing and pulling into the joints of the brick. Use a wet sponge to wipe off all excess glue on the surface, before the glue dries. At the end of the grouting process, the surface should be left to dry for about 30 minutes. Then use a damp rag or sponge to wipe away excess glue. After an hour, wipe again to prevent the circuit from jagged and foaming.

Step 6: Clean the surface

Finally, after performing all the above steps. Use a soft cloth and specialized detergent to wipe clean, leaving the surface shiny like the original. Wish you success when Tiling Glass Mosaic Tiles to have a beautiful bathroom.


Let’s with Viet Huong Ceramics look at the works using glass mosaic tiles to build luxury bathrooms right below!

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 8

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 3

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 1

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 7

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 4

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 5

gach mosaic thuy tinh op tuong nha tam dep 2

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– Bunie Nguyen –

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