Along with the development of society, people are gradually turning back to healthy living values, improving the living environment, bringing practical and long-term benefits. Negative ion tile – a new advanced technology from Europe that has just been introduced to Vietnam market recently has won the hearts of many homeowners because of its ability to improve the quality of the living environment. Let’s with Viet Huong Ceramics to explore Negative ion antibacterial tiles – this new solution for human health!


In the air, there are countless molecules and atoms formed. When these molecules or atoms lose or gain electrons, they turn into charged particles, called charges or ions. An ion that gains positive charges (+) when it loses one or more atoms is called a cation or positive ion. An ion that carries negative charges (-) when it gains one or more electrons is called an anion or negative ion. Negative ions are actually negatively charged particle and negatively charged particles (negative charge populations).

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Negative ions or Anions are particles that can discharge a negative charge when in a neutral state, which can receive one or more electrons. Negative ions are beneficial particles that enhance life energy, so negative ions are called “air vitamins”.


For the environment

– Filter and remove unpleasant odors in the air.

– Removes microscopic dust and solids from the air.

Because most pollutants, dust, and bacteria in the air carry a positive charge. In the suspended state, the negative ions will attach themselves, precipitate, form heavier particles and fall to the ground. When the negative ions in the environment reach a large enough density, the impurities will change from a positively charged state to a negatively charged state. As a result, airborne contaminants come closer together and form larger, heavier particles that fall to the ground.

Therefore, the air with a higher density of negative ions will be cleaner.

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For human health

– Ions enter the human body through inhalation. If too much positive ion is absorbed, the body will consume a lot of energy because the high positive charge stimulates the strong activity of the organs. Energy is quickly expended thereby leading to exhaustion and fatigue. If this condition lasts for a long time, the body will easily get sick due to the lack of resistance.

– Helps to circulate and purify the blood, thereby relieving all fatigue, restoring physical strength and speeding up wound healing. From scientific studies, it has been shown that negative ions reduce the time for blood to condense, increase the content of oxygen in the blood, and are beneficial in transporting, absorbing and using oxygen in the blood.

– Negative ions penetrate the body to help enhance oxygen exchange, regulate the autonomic nervous system, increase the activity of the cerebral cortex and brain, help to lift the spirit, improve sleep quality.

– Reduce arterial convulsions, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular and myocardial nutrition. Beneficial for the recovery of hypertensive and cardiovascular patients.

– Metabolizing minerals creates the energy needed for the functioning of cells. From there, the metabolic process takes place quickly, helping to eliminate toxic wastes quickly and replace them with new, healthier and better quality cells.

– Inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

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For plant growth

The process of ionizing minerals will help increase metabolism and thereby help plant growth.


What is negative ion antibacterial tile? Negative ion tile is used natural mineral materials and Anion powder to create this special ceramic tile. This invention has been patented.

Raw materials are fired at a temperature of 1.100 – 1.200°C with enamel, firmly adhered to the enamel surface, without scratches or wear and tear during use. The existence of negative ion generating materials in the enamel surface of the enamel surface tiles are permanent, so the function of helping to clean the air with negative ions of tiles is very long.

Anion powder (negative ions) is a powder made from Tourmaline stone, a natural stone capable of generating negative ions, used as feng shui items, clothing deodorizers, water purifiers, and purifiers. air,…

The principle of negative ion antibacterial brick – air purifying brick

– When the Anion powder on the surface of the tile comes into contact with water molecules in the air, an ionization reaction will take place, releasing a large amount of negative ions to the outside.

– Reduces the amount of harmful substances in the air such as Formol, benzene, ammonia and natural volatile organic substances.

– Removes pollution particles and keeps the air fresh, releasing water and CO2.


Distributors are a decisive factor in choosing to buy beautiful negative ion antibacterial tiles. Because, a reputable brick distributor always owns items of clear origin, transparent about labels for each product.

Not only that, because it is imported from the original source and without intermediaries from many suppliers, the price that reaches the customer is a very affordable price.

Viet Huong Ceramics is confident to be a leading unit, specializing in providing many types of tiles imported from famous countries; With diverse designs and high quality, it completely meets the requirements of luxury and class of homeowners.

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The work is paved with negative ion antibacterial tiles – a product at Viet Huong Ceramics

– Bunie Nguyen –

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