It is no coincidence that large format tiles have gradually affirmed their position in the market of ceramic tiles and gained favor as well as trust from customers, especially investors in standard 5 stars resorts and restaurants. Let’s find out the answer and decipher the attraction that helps large format tiles dominate the market with Viet Huong Ceramics.

vi sao gach kho lon duoc su dung nhieu trong thiet ke noi that 4
Large format tiles are gradually dominating the market

Overview of large format tiles

Large format tiles have another name, called big slab. True to its name, the size of big slab is groundbreaking such as 600×1200, 750×1500, 800×1800, 1200×2400, 1800×3600, etc., making your space larger and more luxurious.

4 factors make big slab popular in interior design

  • Product quality

When a product is popular in the market, the first factor that is always mentioned is product quality. When using big slab, customers are completely assured of the quality because it has high hardness, durability, and good bearing capacity.

Big slab has granite/porcelain bones with high stone powder composition, so it is very strong and resistant. Therefore, big slab can completely be used for flooring in high-traffic areas such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc.

vi sao gach kho lon duoc su dung nhieu trong thiet ke noi that 3
Big slap has good quality
  • Open space

The next advantage of big slab for customers is due to its superior size. The large size maximizes surface design, eliminates the number of brick seams, creates a dramatic, distinct and absolute aesthetic background/wall. When entering this space, you will feel like immersing in the endless openness that big slab gives, bringing openness and comfort.

vi sao gach kho lon duoc su dung nhieu trong thiet ke noi that 2
Big slap makes your space larger
  • Exquisite pattern

Large format tiles are also dotted with imitation marble motifs, natural stone, wood grain … even more expressing the luxury and class for your space. More specifically, those patterns are created by 5D printing technology, realistic simulation with many winding lines and diverse colors, so they bring perfect sophistication to places where large format bricks are present. Because of this, big slab with exquisite has become an alternative to granite that once “stormed” on the market.

vi sao gach kho lon duoc su dung nhieu trong thiet ke noi that 1
Big slab with unique and exquisite pattern
  • Creativity

The last factor is also a breakthrough one that makes many customers more and more passionate about big slab: maximum response to the creative design requirements of architecture. You can easily cut them into any shape and size, breaking the limits of use of some surfaces that were previously impossible with ordinary ceramic tiles.

After reading this article, you already know why big slab can dominate the market. If you are interested and want to refer to more big slab samples, please contact Viet Huong Ceramics right away.

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– Jasmine Nguyen –


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