In the past, large format tile – Big Slab was mainly used in large projects such as the lobby of commercial centers and resorts. However this type of tiles is gradually used for many different spaces such as houses, apartments, etc currently. Big Slab is one of the most popular trends in 2021 because of the its aesthetic and luxury.

So what is Big Slab? Pros and cons of Big Slab? Let’s find out with Viet Huong Ceramics!


Big Slab, also known as large format tile, is much larger size than ordinary one, commonly used in large-scale constructions such as restaurant lobby, hotel, airport, resorts, luxury apartments, etc. With breakthrough sizes such as:  60×120, 80×180, 120×240, 180×360, etc this product helps your house space to be more open and airy.

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Large format tiles have the following outstanding features:


🔷 Polish surface (also known as glossy surface): Tiles are covered with a glossy glaze, making the surface of the space more splendid. It is suitable for many architectural styles such as modern and neoclassical.

🔷 Matt surface: The surface has a slight roughness, anti-scratch, anti-slip. Large format tiles with rough surface are used in many different areas, such as living room, kitchen, garden or lobby etc.

🔷 Lappato surface (also known as semi-glossy surface): Semi-glossy Big Slab has a light glossy surface, but still ensures anti-slip ability, diverse uses, meeting the needs of many customers

🔷 Structured surface (also known as rough surface): The  surface is naturally rough, suitable for areas that are often subjected to heavy loads, many passersby such as gardens, hotel lobby, etc.


With a thickness of 6mm, 10mm, those tiles create a light and harmonious feeling, suitable for establishments and businesses that want to recover capital quickly, not focusing on the cost factor but still ensuring aesthetics. With a greater thickness like 20mm, Big Slab creates certainty for the work, ensuring durability and mechanical properties over time.



What are the pros of large format tiles? If you are wondering about this, take a look at the  advantages of big slab that Viet Huong Ceramics lists below:

🔷High aesthetics: Large format tiles have outstanding large size, eliminating the number of brick seams  so create a monolithic feeling. This gives the perfect look to any space.

🔷Flexibility: Large format tiles can be easily cut into any shape and size to fit a variety of surfaces. Therefore, this product is used flexibly for floor surfaces, walls, decorating kitchen tables, bathtubs, etc.

🔷 Increased openess and freedom: With its large size, wide and seamless veins, this tile breaks all barriers of space, creating endless creativity for living space.

🔷 Easy to clean and maintain: Large format tiles will help the space to be seamless, less interrupted, less grout lines, less dirt so it is easier to clean during use.

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🔷 It can be seen that large format tiles have large sizes, so the moving process will face some difficulties.

Hopefully, the recent suggestions of Viet Huong Ceramics are useful information to help you get more ideas for your home.


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